Joe Diffie: Homecoming

from Bluegrass Journal

Burlington, MA – Rounder Records is pleased to announce country music star and Grand Ole Opry member Joe Diffie’s return to bluegrass music with Homecoming: The Bluegrass Album. Due October 26, “Homecoming” was co-produced by Diffie and Luke Wooten and features a who’s who of bluegrass A-listers including The Grascals, Rhonda Vincent, Bradley Walker, and Alecia Nugent. Diffie also enlisted a top-notch band that includes Rob Ickes, Aubrey Haynie, Mike Compton, Bryan Sutton, Mark Fain and Charlie Cushman to back his better-than-ever vocals on this set of songs that are sure to appeal to Joe Diffie’s long-time fans and bluegrass traditionalists alike.Read full article.

Stryper, Resurrected

from Village Voice

Pinned against the doors in a slow-moving Brooklyn-bound 3 train on a recent evening, I found myself resorting to a sure-fire time-killer for what looked to be an interminable ride. Let’s call it “sharing” reading material with an unsuspecting neighbor. And so there we were: She, a young, fair-skinned redhead engrossed in a worn copy of The Varieties of Religious Experience, a century-old collection of lectures by Harvard professor and pragmatist William James; I, peering somewhat creepily over her shoulder and mindlessly following along on the page, my iPod coincidentally blaring Murder by Pride, the new album from Christian metalmen Stryper. How’s that for a shared religious experience pregnant with variety? Read full article.

THE SECOND COMING: Twenty-five years after breaking ground in Christian music, Stryper is back


Somewhere in Oz Fox’s life, there’s a box tucked away.

Perhaps it’s on the bottom of a pile of keepsakes in the attic of his home; maybe it’s in an old chest of drawers in a spare bedroom, long forgotten.

Wherever they are, Fox knows he still has them — the iconic black-and-yellow spandex he wore in the 1980s, when his band was blazing trails in rock ‘n’ roll. But he can’t see himself — or his bandmates, for that matter — ever squeezing into them again.  Read full article.

Stryper Turns 25

from Gospel Music Channel

It would be impressive enough to celebrate multi-platinum sales status, a plethora of hit videos on MTV and sold-out shows all across the globe, but in the case of Stryper, that also includes being the first faith-based band to successfully embark on a major crossover to mainstream. Read full article.

ReStryped: An Exclusive Interview with Stryper Guitarist Oz Fox


Ask just about anyone to name a band that would be considered a pioneer or godfather of rock and you would probably get the usual list of answers: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, etc, etc. Ask the same people who would be considered a pioneer or godfather of Christian rock and you would probably get mostly one answer: Stryper. Read full article.